CPC Engineering Video Post: Conveyor Skirt Innovation

CPC Engineering Video Post: Conveyor Skirt Innovation

CPC Engineering is demonstrating the latest innovation in skirting maintenance, the TRAC Skirt removable skirting system.

The TRAC Skirt* is the only system that allows for easy removal of the entire skirt panel. The panel shown is a 2.4m long section weighing over 400kg. Removal of an individual panel takes less than 10 minutes (the replacement is just as quick). Once out, the panel is easily rolled along the length of the conveyor to a location, or locations, specifically set up for removal.

The TRAC Skirt system eliminates the need to work in a confined space and the need for anyone to put their hands within the transfer area. It is ideally suited for tunnels and screen houses where access is limited. The other advantage of the TRAC Skirt is the ability to use the rail system to remove the existing skirt sections saving time during the retrofit process.

Prior to filming, we demonstrated the system to senior representatives of one of WA’s major iron ore miners, and the feedback was very positive.

CPC wish to acknowledge the following support and collaboration.

Westplate on the initial design, engineering and prototype development. MW Steel Fab (Wayne and Mark) for all their help with the trolley and panel removal mechanisms.

The TRAC Skirt prototype is on a road trip to the Pilbara this week, first stop Port Hedland, so keep a look out for demo times.
* Patent Pending