CPC prides itself on designing innovative solutions that provide the safest, most practical and cost-effective methods of meeting the specific access requirements of each project from engineering and construction to maintenance across the energy, industrial and mining sectors.

CPC’s Scaffolding division was established over a decade ago and has a wide range of experience and skills, including our in-house engineering and design for scaffolding projects using the latest computer aided design and drafting systems.

Our capabilities include engineered scaffolding services, labour supply and stock control through to logistics and transportation. This minimises the need for additional interface management and offers cost and schedule reductions. We provide clients with the highest quality services in the most remote locations, supported from our regional workshops and offices.

We employ and train our own workforce, ensuring the highest standards. In training and developing our employees, we pay particular attention to systems of safe work which protect their health and wellbeing.

We have invested heavily in our own stock of registered scaffolding including mobile, modular and conventional tube and clip systems. Together with our fleet of single and dual cab utes, cranes, rigid and heavy combination trucks and trailers, CPC can mobilise at a moment’s notice to service your needs.

Our clients can have confidence in the quality and reliability of our access services. As the owners and suppliers of our scaffolding material, we ensure ongoing compliance and maintenance of our materials and equipment. Our Quality Management System is ISO accredited. All products are fully serviced and inspected in between projects. Our accredited maintenance and materials management system ensures all material is supplied in optimum condition.

Our clients can have confidence in the quality and reliability of our access services.