Conveyor Idler Alignment and Audits

Conveyor Idler Alignment and Audits

Quickly resolve tracking issues as they arise to ensure operating hours are maximised.

With an easy setup, quick results and fast changes, CPC’s Idler Alignment Service is fast becoming the first choice for clients. This service allows us to quickly resolve tracking issues for clients in the short term, after which we can then provide longer term solutions as required. 

The CPC’s Idler Alignment Service provides:

  • The alignment of each idler frame in relation to the centreline of the conveyor
  • The ability to correlate the measurement data with the actual tracking performance of the conveyor to determine the level of influence of any misaligned frames
  • A comprehensive report detailing the frames requiring realignment, and the degree and direction of alignment. The report also details other issues identified on the conveyor during the inspection and measurement process

In order to ensure optimal conveyor efficiency, CPC also carries out conveyor performance and maintenance auditing, “Feed In to Feed Out”. This, together with belt splice quality management inspections and cleaning system audit, for all types of conveyors, highlights areas for improvement or repair.

Conveyor performance and maintenance auditing ensures optimal conveyor efficiency.