CPC Trac Skirt System

CPC Trac Skirt System

The CPC Trac Skirt System (TSS)* is an award winning and innovative conveyor skirt system that is fully adjustable, removable and safe.

Save change-out time and increase safety with CPC’s new, fully adjustable and removeable conveyor skirt system, the Trac Skirt System. 

The Trac Skirt System has a number of advantages:

  • Manual handling is significantly reduced, replaced by mechanical means
  • At NO time, does the maintainer place any part of their body into the inner skirt area or near the belt, eliminating the need to work in a confined space
  • Longer liners can be used and adjusted in a fraction of the time, reducing the number of gaps between liners and minimising spillage.
  • Liners can be locked in both directions using lock washers
  • Site dust sealing options can be easily retrofitted to the TSS
  • Inner liner plates can be quickly and positively adjusted using the offset washer
  • Wear on the plates can be checked externally without getting into the chute or having to stop the belt

Save time and money while increasing safety and minimising dust.

Installation Options

TSS can be adapted quickly to an existing plant. 

  • Skirt (without track)
    • Gain all the benefits of the TSS, adjustable from the outside
    • Review the wear and life of the liner whilst the system is in operation
  • Skirt (with the Trac)
    • Quick change of the entire panel
    • Full skirt panel can be removed and changed in less than 15 minutes
      • No sentries
      • No confined space entry into the chute

A major advantage of the TSS is that larger and longer liners can be used, which enables a quicker and more accurate adjustment of the skirt liner to the belt, minimising spillage, dust and damage to the skirt line.

Existing dust sealing arrangements can be retained if requested. TSS has a dust seal arrangement which will minimise the cost of expensive skirting.