Health & Safety

Health & Safety

CPC is committed to eliminating incidents and injuries from the workplace.

An injury free workplace

Through effective identification and mitigation of hazards and the provision of safe systems of work for all employees, contractors and visitors at all times. CPC strives for continuous improvement of all aspects of safety and health at all our operations. Through a process of consultation and participation at all levels of the organisation, CPC has continued to achieve a positive impact of our lead-initiatives that have resulted in improved outcomes for a safe and productive workplace. Zero Harm is an integral part of our philosophy and the company is committed in all its operations to achieving a standard of the highest level to achieve this goal. Across the organisation CPC is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and work practices that support the Zero Harm initiative by promoting a culture of Safer by Choice.

Zero Harm – an integral part of our philosophy

Safer by Choice is a behaviour based leadership program that supports a culture of accountability and a belief that all injuries are preventable and that no task is so important that it cannot be done safely. This program has been integrated into existing systems and has become the ‘way we do things around here’ at CPC.