Metallurgical Testwork

Metallurgical Testwork

CPC’s Project Design team provides a full range of testwork related services from sample selection through to testwork management and evaluation.

CPC ensures that testwork programs align with the client’s requirements. We deliver fit-for-purpose test work outcomes appropriate to the development status of your project.

Sampling selection including: 

  • Quality of sampling
  • Sample representatively
  • Drill type and size
  • Sample security and assay

Testwork program development based on:

  • Level of study – scoping, pre-feasibility or feasibility
  • Ore type and mineralogy
  • Review of historical testwork completed
  • Process technology risk

Management of testwork programs, including:

  • On-site lab supervision
  • Continuous interpretation of results to optimise testwork programs and maximise opportunities that may present
  • Summary testwork reporting and recommended process design criteria

Grade and recovery model development for financial analysis and performance guarantees.

Reagent optimisation to minimise operation cost.

Evaluation of 3rd party laboratories services, capability and capacity.

Testwork gap analysis, including: 

  • Evaluation of previous test work raw data and interpretation
  • Identification of steps required to take the testwork to the study level required by the client
  • Recommendation for future testwork

CPC has qualified persons (QP) for the metallurgical testing component of NI 43-101 technical reports.

Delivery of fit-for-purpose testwork outcomes appropriate to the development status of the project.