Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

Asset availability and health is vital to the ongoing and efficient operation of your project.

To ensure the relevance and currency of your Maintenance Management Plan, CPC offers a comprehensive review, providing a report with recommend changes.

CPC has its own electronic Maintenance System to manage your assets based on PMs. CPC knows that the PM’s for any company is the foundation for availability and asset health.

Real time monitoring and reporting to minimise downtime.


The system can be adapted for both fixed and fleet. Importantly, by using real time data and RFID tags for fixed plant, people are no longer able to just “tick and flick”. 

ASTRAC delivers the following benefits:

  • Real time monitoring and reporting of equipment status and operator behaviour
  • Real time event management and notifications
  • Eliminates handwritten reports and lost or damaged service documents
  • Full tracking and accountability of operators and service personnel through user logins and RFID access
  • Accurate replacement schedules reducing equipment downtime and spare parts inventory

Reduces overall equipment operating and maintenance costs.