St Barbara Paste Aggregate Fill Plant


St Barbara Limited


Leonora, Western Australia




  • Assembly of pre-designed underground structure on upper level
  • Design and construction of an underground crushing station with ore pass connecting to upper level
  • The underground aggregate fill plant designed to enable the use of aggregate for stope support

Highlights and Achievements

  • Assembly of all structural elements from small transportable sections in confined, underground location
  • Novel top to bottom approach to tank construction in the underground location
  • Adaptation of assembly plan to allow for excessive weight of plant elements (eg:  11t pump section) - using chain blocks to hoist and position where standard cranes could not be used
  • Identification of innovative transport methods to effectively manoeuvre heavy components to the underground location and planning to fit with mine schedules
  • Successful completion of the project at a depth of 1400m in a confined and oppressive environment

Benefits for Client

  • Significant savings in negating the need to transport aggregate to the surface by truck, a 10km
  • trip to surface
  • Efficiencies in using underground aggregate for stope fill