Greenbushes Lithium Crushing Plant


Talison Lithium


Greenbushes, Western Australia




  • Special design of CGP2 and CGP3 to handle highly abrasive nature of lithium – hardier than standard plants
  • Sizeable plant design to allow for high through put from large operation
  • CGP2 and CGP3 to provide more raw material to expanded back end of Talison’s Greenbushes facilities

Highlights and Achievements

  • Unique approach due to client requirements of tight delivery deadline with concrete poured prior to structural design completion
  • Availability of multidisciplinary workforce enabled delivery in short timeline

Benefits for Client

  • Could incorporate learnings on critical issues from CGP2 into CGP3 due to time overlap in construction
  • Higher throughput capability – CGP2 more than doubled production at the mine