Boston Shaker Emergency Egress Ladderway and Rising Mains


AngloGold Ashanti Australia Pty Ltd


Tropicana, Western Australia




  • Manufacture and installation of a safe and stable exit from Boston Shaker mine floor 240m below surface for use in an emergency
  • Structure to accommodate existing 6 pipes transferring compressed air and both potable and service water into the mine, and dewatering to the surface
  • Space needed to be optimised to ensure safety and ease of exit

Highlights and Achievements

  • No recorded injuries - safely worked around the open hole and confined space
  • Design, construction and installation of the 100t, 240m ladderway
  • Successful assembly of 20 modules in 12m sections in pit,
    and installation
  • Adaption of roster and accommodation to ensure no disruptions
    or delays during COVID-19 isolation
  • Novel ladderway design with pipes incorporated into structure
  • Only 4 weeks from establishment on site to project completion