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CPC Trac Skirt System


 CPC’s Trac Skirt System (TSS) is an award winning, innovative conveyor solution that delivers safety, productivity and environmental benefits to new and existing operations.

The typical conveyor system provides some challenges

  • Extensive labour costs with the management of skirting systems
  • Ability to adjust liners to a set tolerance
  • Excessive dust and spillage due to ineffective adjustment of the skirt liner
  • Sealing arrangement becoming the wear liner after extensive wear to the liner
  • Excessive boil points with the liner and seal creating skirt wear in the conveyor skirt line
  • Ineffective adjustment resulting in excessive dust and spillage which then needs to be cleaned
  • Safety risks when performing maintenance and change-out due to manual handling and working in a confined space.

CPC’s innovative approach to these challenges provides a number of benefits

  1. When it comes to maintenance, the CPC TSS provides significant savings not only on the skirt maintenance but extending the conveyor life as well as providing a significant reduction in dust and spillage. This all equates to more up time.
    • The reduction in Hard Skirt maintenance by greater than 50% – with quick, accurate adjustment
    • Seal maintenance/changeout is performed in minutes with only 1 person
    • Minimised Conveyor Skirt wear with the ability to ensure scheduled maintenance with skirt to belt clearance is maintained
    • Minimised time lost to planned shutdowns – visual inspections enabled with the TSS during unplanned downtime negates the need for planned inspection shutdowns
    • Significant reduction in labour numbers and time to perform skirt maintenance






One person can remove the skirt panel on the Trac Skirt Trac, easily and safely.


  1. Dust suppression is a challenge for every mine and dust exposure is a risk for every mine worker. Minimise dust emissions from your conveyor system with the CPC TSS
    • The light, flexible dust seal provides an effective seal to contain dust and small particles
    • Minimise the boil point in the skirt area
    • Ability to use longer skirt liners to minimise the number of plates required and reduce time in their adjustment, allows more uptime
    • Less dust means less downtime for cleaning. (Licence to operate)
    • Site dust sealing options can be simply retrofitted to the TSS








Before and after – Fine dust and fines are managed through the accurate adjustment of the liners and  the simple, effective sealing system.


  1. Safety is everything – reduce the exposure of your team to risk with the CPC TSS
    • Eliminate manual handing of the conveyor liners
    • Negate the need to work in a confined space
    • Reduce exposure to dust and dust inhalation at the site





Skirt maintenance is performed from the outside with no need to work in a confined space. The liners can now be adjusted from the outside accurately and effortlessly, ensuring maintenance will get done.


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