Many things have changed in the mining industry over the last 50 years – we’ve had booms and busts, disasters and celebrations and we’ve taken on and advanced new technologies.

However, one company that has consistently maintained a prominent place as a reliable, local and professional company is CPC Engineering (CPC). This year is CPC’s 50th anniversary and the Company has a lot to celebrate.

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John de Vries, MD of Black Rock Mining, talks to Daniel Pantany, Project Manager at CPC about how the CPC engineering team and Black Rock Mining marketing teams worked together to develop an engineering solution that supported Black Rock’s customer centric view in the development of the Mahenge Graphite Project in Tanzania.

CPC has extensive experience in delivering complex graphite projects in Africa, this together with their well-established relationship with the client allowed positive collaboration on a new approach to product delivery. This included the design of a plant with high-level automation and monitoring to ensure consistency of the graphite product to meet specified market requirements.

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National Resources Review highlights how  CPC’s fast response and innovative approach allowed the rearrangement of schedules to ensure project delivery for AngloGold Ashanti as promised.

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Mining Monthly highlights CPC’s agile response to project delivery despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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CPC Engineering (CPC) was engaged by AngloGold Ashanti to design and deliver the emergency egress ladder and rising mains at the new underground Boston Shaker mine which is being developed within the Tropicana gold mine in Western Australia.

With the project ready for rollout, COVID-19 restrictions were implemented resulting in a number of projects across the country being put on hold. CPC’s fast response allowed the rearrangement of schedules and onsite accommodation to ensure project delivery as promised.

“CPC prides itself on its close and lasting relationships with its clients, together with its culture of ‘Safer by Choice’”, said Glen Weir, CEO, CPC. “This could not be better demonstrated than with the successful delivery of this project, as the COVID-19 pandemic gripped Australia.”

In a matter of just 4 weeks, the CPC team established themselves onsite, completed the installation and pressure tests to deliver the completed project.

“We were able to achieve this by working closely with the client,” said Project Manager, Brett Mais. “Together we were able to find a way to minimise disruption as the COVID-19 restrictions were applied, while also ensuring that the health of our team and the community wasn’t at risk.”

The 250m depth from the surface provided no constraint to the CPC team in delivering the emergency egress ladder and rising mains of the same length.

Meticulous design and engineering were key to the successful delivery of the innovative solution which integrated dewatering, potable and service/fire water, and compressed air pipes into the structure.  This ensured space was maximised while providing a safe exit from the underground mine in an emergency.

A trial assembly prior to installation was completed to confirm that all 20 identical modules fitted perfectly, supporting a seamless installation.


CPC Engineering was previously announced as a finalist in the WA Innovator of the Year (IOTY) program by Hon Dave Kelly MLA, Minister for Innovation and ICT in early July for its revolutionary Trac Skirt System – a fully adjustable, removable and…

It appears there is a raft of new iron ore projects happening in the Pilbara. But it’s not just iron ore.  Gas, lithium, gold and other minerals are also showing strong growth.

The State Government says the resource projects alone could create around 50,000 jobs during construction and up to 13,000 operational jobs.

That’s good news for the industry.

CPC Engineering supports these companies by offering a complete range of services from our three pillars of Design, Construct, Maintain.

We may have started in the Goldfields 50 years ago with just one major client – but we now provide end-to-end mining and infrastructure services across Australia and internationally.

There are workshops in Port Hedland, Kalgoorlie, Ravensthorpe and Esperance to cater for a range of mining operations and an engineering office in Perth. 

CPC supports mid-tier mining companies in the Pilbara, with engineering done in Perth and maintenance in the regional workshops.

That growth has been underpinned by creating long-term relationships with our clients and tailoring individual solutions to ensure the best outcomes.

For CPC Engineering Pilbara Operations Manager Eoin Dumigan his job is all about people, starting with his team and then the people they work with as they go beyond the project to achieve success for their clients.

A CPC employee for three years – and a manager for about half that time – Eoin has no hesitation in declaring that the Pilbara team is “the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with”.

“We have bonded and grown with company,” Eoin says.

And that is at the heart of what CPC Engineering is trying to achieve: large enough to have sophisticated processes and systems in place to attract highly skilled and talented people but small enough to retain a culture where people care about each other and about the outcomes they deliver for clients.

For Eoin and his Pilbara team, there is a strong belief that their safety and quality standards set them apart from their competitors.

“We are especially proud to be the safest branch in the business since 2017, with a number of safety awards and great feedback from our clients,” Eoin says.

The client base has expanded to include mid-tier miners and ports. The flexibility and ability to achieve results was reflected in a job for Sino Iron which started as a steel fabrication project but soon required poly welding.

“It was not something we had done before, but with proper planning and project management we successfully added this capability and completed the job,” Eoin says.

“As a new client, Sino was very impressed, and we have since quoted on a number of poly line jobs.”

The same approach ensured a successful shutdown for BHP, which Eoin says was a huge success.

“The feedback we have received is that we were one of the most professional-looking companies on-site and during a safety inspection BHP could not find a single thing out of place.”

 The team Eoin refers to is not just the trades. He credits “our dedicated admin team putting in a huge effort in the BHP job to get us across the line with weekend work and late nights”.

“We have since picked up work on two further shuts, with the future looking very good for CPC at BHP.”

The team of mostly long-term employees also includes five apprentices.

“Our local crew is second to none. Most get asked for by name and we have a consistent stream of positive feedback from our clients,” Eoin says.



Perth-based CPC Engineering has entered into a ground-breaking joint venture with African companies to service the Continent’s  mining industry.

Africa Project Partnerships, formed in the first quarter of 2019, brings together companies with expertise across a range of disciplines with the ability to deliver EPC and EPC/M projects.

APP is working in close cooperation with the South African Government through its Department of Trade and Industry and the Industrial Development Corporation.

The agencies provide quality market information, trade statistics and product analysis and the prospect of project development funding. 

The companies in the APP joint venture have more than five decades of experience in the mining industry and more than three decades of experience in executing projects across Africa.

APP is examining several projects in mining and heavy industrial process in South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

The African joint venture partners are Advent Construction, based in Tanzania; Fenix Construction, Mozambique; Gear Mining Construction, Botswana; Ignite Energy, South Africa; Steel Services and Allied Industries, South Africa; Strutfast Cable Management Solutions, South Africa; and Power Plant Electrical Technologies, South Africa. 

Together they employ 1100 people and have completed 15 projects throughout Africa in the past five years valued at $120 million, including  the Katanga Mining Rehabilitation, Democratic Republic of Congo; Wassa Gold mine advancement to underground and Prestea Gold Mine underground mine rehabilitation in Ghana;  Unki Platinum Mine new smelter construction, Zimbabwe; and Mopani mine headgear, Zambia.

The joint venture enables CPC Engineering, which employs more than 300 people and has a wealth of experience in Africa, to benefit from the highly regarded reputations and experience of its partners.

CPC Engineering has successfully delivered multimillion-dollar projects for  graphite, nickel, copper and diamond operations in Mozambique, Zambia, Ghana, DRC and South Africa.

These include a range of design, construction and maintenance services for the Balama Graphite project in Mozambique;  Enterprise Nickel project, Zambia; Glencore Zambia copper mine, Zambia; 

Petra Diamonds Cullinan project, South Africa; Ferrochrome smelter, South Africa; Kamoa Copper Company, DRC; Golden Star Resources underground mine, Ghana.

There are two lead companies in the joint venture: CPC Engineering is the lead company in the technical aspects, coordinating all input required by the South African partners; Power Plant Electrical Technologies is the financial lead company, facilitating all funding requirements for research, development and execution funding.

CPC Engineering Chief Executive Glen Weir said the joint venture was a commercially competitive extension to the value proposition CPC could offer to its existing and new clients and their projects on the African Continent.

“The South African partner companies are industry leaders in services, manufacturing and construction  and have a depth of experience in the intricacies of executing projects on the Continent,” Mr Weir said.

“We have a long-term outlook on our venture and believe in building trust and solid relationships with our clients for advancing projects to implementation.  

“There are a number of specific skills that CPC offer to the venture: engineering, design, drafting, procurement support, contract and project management and commissioning support.

“The venture has been structured to avoid duplication of functions and their associated costs, therefore directly translating to a competitive and holistic project development and execution cost structure.”

Mr Weir said there had been a push since at least 2003, when specific laws were passed, to develop and empower South African companies to ensure local participation and skills transfer, community improvement and long-term sustainability in projects.

CPC Engineering has experience in the South African regulations being adopted in various forms across the African Continent.

The joint venture is structured in a way that ensures its regulatory compliance so that it can supply clients with the full project value chain of engineering, manufacturing and construction.

“A lot can be said for mining opportunities in Africa as it remains the richest mineral continent in the world,” Mr Weir said.

“With the fourth industrial revolution upon us and a continual focus on greener energy we will see advancement in technology consuming more mined metals and minerals over the years to come.”

Representatives of the joint venture partners will be at the three-day Africa Down Under conference that starts in Perth on Wednesday, September 4.