The principles of sustainability are embedded into all aspects of CPC Engineering’s business practices and work culture through setting benchmarks for best practice to achieve enduring positive value across social, economic and environmental dimensions. CPC recognises that sustainability cannot be achieved, nor significant progress made towards it without the support and involvement of organisational and community stakeholders.

Social Performance

Our People

CPC Engineering is dedicated to establishing, maintaining and supporting a workplace in which each and every employee will be treated with respect, dignity and as individuals. The company expects its employees to share a commitment to performing their duties in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and in compliance with applicable laws and company policies.

The company has established an inclusive culture to support long-term business success. Considerable effort has been invested in developing the right recruitment and selection processes, training and developing supervisors and employees, establishing clear values and creating human resources processes and policies that support the desired culture.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

CPC Engineering is an equal opportunity organisation. CPC is committed to providing a safe, flexible and respectful environment for employees and clients free from all forms of discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment, and racial and religious vilification. All CPC Engineering employees are required to treat others with dignity, courtesy and respect. By effectively implementing our workplace equal opportunity policy we will attract and retain talented employees and create a positive environment for all our employees.

This policy is applied in the context of all conditions of work, including selection, employment, pay and benefits, facilities, promotions and training.

Training and Education

CPC Engineering is committed to supporting and contributing to training and development.

Training is provided to recognised industry standards wherever possible in the workplace, using in-house training supported by external specialist training providers and registered training organisations.

Health & Safety

CPC Engineering is committed to taking appropriate measures to protect the health, safety and welfare of its employees, customers, contractors, visitors and the community.

Zero Harm is an integral part of our philosophy and the company is committed in its operating endeavour to achieve a standard of the highest level in the pursuit of this goal. Across the organisation CPC’s people are committed to maintaining an environment and work practices that support the Zero Harm concept by promoting a culture of Safer by Choice.

Safer by Choice is a behavioural based leadership program that supports a culture of accountability and belief that all injuries are preventable and that no task is so important that it cannot be done safely. This program has been integrated into existing systems and has become the way we do things at CPC.

Community Engagement

Liaising with Communities

CPC approach to managing Indigenous affairs and heritage is to listen, consult and negotiate and reinforce a long term sustainable relationship with all native title and community groups and provide a forum to discuss issues where appropriate.

Indigenous Relations

CPC operates in a number of country locations throughout Western Australia and endeavours to be consistent in its dealings with all local people. CPC recognises that individual groups have cultural responsibilities and traditions that are not covered by legislation and therefore believes that consideration to all these factors through consultation and awareness results in a deeper awareness of Indigenous people’s needs.

To assist us with this process, CPC has formed a partnership with Carey Mining. Carey Mining is a wholly owned indigenous company that provides high quality, holistic indigenous participation programs.


CPC is committed to minimising the impact of all aspects of its operations on the environment to a statutory and socially acceptable level through the proactive implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of our Environmental Management Plan.

CPC has a detailed Environmental Management Plan structured to meet the requirements of the AS/NZS ISO 14001 (2004) Environmental Management Systems standard. The plan incorporates a series of management procedures to manage environmental risk exposure that complies with the individual requirements for environmental management planning, system implementation, operational control, monitoring and review, and continual improvement as specified in the AS/NZS ISO 14001: 2004 standard.

Key elements of the plan are:

  • Increasing employee awareness through the induction and training process
  • Clearly defined responsibilities and accountabilities within the organisation
  • Effective operating procedures and work standards
  • Independent monitoring and auditing of all operations