Feasibility Studies

CPC’s team has the capability and expertise to assist the client with all stages of project definition. CPC personnel are fully cognisant of, and utilise industry standards such as the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) and the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) guidelines to generate operating and capital cost estimates that are appropriate for the level of study being undertaken. Study types which CPC can assist with include:

  • Order of magnitude studies – Quick and inexpensive desktop studies that are used to provide a general indication of costs when the client has little test work and a minimal understanding of the variability of the ore body.
  • Scoping studies – To generate concepts and highlight areas and issues that require greater definition. Some test work is available combined with a general understanding of the ore resource.
  • Pre-feasibility studies – Option trade-off studies to select the best process route to take forward. Bulk composite testwork completed to support engineering design. Ore reserve is classified as probable and ore variability is known to a large extent.
  • Feasibility studies – Detailed examination and cost estimation of the preferred process route. Most test work is complete. Ore reserve is classified as proven, mine schedule and ore variability is known. Estimate quality is suitable for obtaining project funding.